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Frequent Asked Questions

Are all Services come with warranty?

Yes, all Service come with a 30-90 day warranty and 3 day refund, Depending on what service is done

Can I bring my own parts?

Absolutely, You are welcome to bring your own parts and we'll do just the labor work. Please keep in mind that warranty can not be granted. Please contact the manufacture for warranty claims. ​

What is your turnaround time?

We go based on first come first serve or by appointments. Normally for small repairs we can take about 20 min to a whole day or for more complex repairs it make take up to 5 days depending how many clients are beings served. If you need expedite service we do offer "Fast Fix" Service, which guarantees you same day repair for an additional $25.




Will I lose all my save date?

Normally only if your having your hard drive or certain logic boards replaced, with all other repairs it is very rare to lose data.


Can you travel to my location?

Yes!, We can gladly schedule an appointment for a technician to pass by your location. Please Contact us to book you an appointment.​ An additional fee of $40 will be charged for On-Site Local Repairs.


What else do you guys repair?

Almost every Gadget we repair, Check out what we offer! Click Here