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About EliteTech Repair

Elite Tech Repair are specialists in the repair of computers and all Apple products such as the iPhone and the iPad. They have an extensive range of replacement parts and accessories and quickly and efficiently repair any kind of damage so that your gadget or computer is back to work in the shortest time.

Our clients send us their computers because of the good reputation that we have built, repairing laptops and computers quickly but at a low process, so that you don’t have to debate whether to just go ahead and buy a new machine.

We take extra care to choose the highest quality of replacements parts, that last long and restore you iPhone or computer to full working condition within no time. After the repairs, our team of expert technicians also run some tests to make sure that any other problems the machine may have are fixed.
We are able to make this quick turnaround on all services that we offer because we have some of the best people in the industry, working in an extensively equipped workshop. Our workshop is home to technicians with a minimum of 5 years’ experience repairing gadgets and computers from all major brands.

Our service delivery promise is to get your gadget sorted out within 24 to 48 hours. To do this, we make the process a simple as possible, even allowing you to courier your Apple gadget or with the requirements that you may have for us to get started immediately. Once you pay for the repairs, we can also send the gadget back via Courier, so you don’t need to leave your busy schedule or the comfort of your itinerary to take care of repairs.

We also keep you constantly updated on email about the developments in repairing your gadget, so that you are informed. When repairing Apple gadgets, we make use of compressed air guns that blow out any dust on your gadget. The result is that your machine looks as good as new in addition to working optimally. All our technicians are required to go through regular training so that they employ the latest repair practices and also ensure good housekeeping so that they don’t leave nuisances such as finger prints and dust under the screen.

For the laptop repairs, we have a team of factory trained technicians to diagnose and repair laptops from all major brands making the customer experience easy and affordable. Because of the nature of the service and our confidence in the level of service that we offer, clients are usually given a 90 day warrant after repairs are done.

On submitting your machine, you can expect and immediate diagnosis at the reception, where our technicians propose a solution to your problem and provide the timelines and costs for the solution they offer.

We also offer services to small medium and large organization that would like to submit their work in bulk. Contact us today to schedule your repairs, or in case you want to confirm something.